This blog is maintained by a self-proclaimed nerd working for Microsoft Corporation. He works there as a software developer building fun open source stuff. He thinks he's really lucky to be paid for what he would probably anyway do for free. Or something.

He is known in the real world as Rajasekharan Vengalil - a name that just rolls off the tongue really easily. If you're the lazy sort, then you may want to call him Raj. Some people insist on knowing what he looks like. So here's the least terror inducing picture that he can find of himself. If this looks like a passport picture, that's because it is:


He tweets occasionally here: @avranju.

His open source stuff is up on Github here:

Here are a few of the articles he's written:

He often sometimes delivers talks during technology conferences. You can see some of them up on YouTube.

And finally here's the legal yada yada ‐‐ all views expressed on this blog are the authors' and do not represent his employer in any way. Its just some random dude on the internet talking about stuff.