IE9 web cast / Chennai Web Camps / OSI Days 2011

It has been a somewhat hectic two weeks shuttling between Chennai and Bangalore for a bunch of stuff. As usual, I've been happily handing out promises about posting resources for my talks on my blog. Like candy. Turns out you've got to come good on them eventually. So here goes:

IE9 Web Cast on ECMAScript 5

  1. Get the deck (there isn't much in the deck but there it is for what its worth).
  2. Get the JavaScript eval console I was showing off in the session.

Chennai Web Camps

All the resources for the web camps sessions are available here.

OSI Days 2011

  1. Session on WebMatrix: Building a complete website within an hour

  2. Session on building cross browser HTML5 web apps

That's all folks. Hope the sessions were useful. If you've got feedback on any of these, please feel free to leave a comment. If you want to be nasty and use dirty words, please email them to me.

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