Web Camps, Virtual Tech Days and jsFoo

So I've had a busy few weeks recently doing a bunch of sessions at Web Camps (in Delhi and Hyderabad), Virtual Tech Days and jsFoo. At each of those events I promised attendees that I'd put up the demos and the decks on my blog "soon". Well, truth be told I've not been exactly conscientious about doing this quickly and I apologize for that. At any rate here's the material for folks who came by for these sessions:

Web Camps

  1. Bold and Beautiful with CSS3 - deck / demo
  2. Spice it up - Advanced HTML5 - deck / demo

Folks who attended the Hyderabad event might remember that I used a HTML5/CSS3 version of the decks during the session. If you'd like a copy of that code then hang tight because I hope to put up a post here on how I built it and intend to share the source with that post.

Virtual Tech Days

  1. Socket programming on the web - deck / demo
  2. Threading and async programming on the web - deck / demo
  3. Baking some HTML5 goodness into your ASP.NET apps - deck / demo


  1. A primer on ECMAScript 5 - deck
  2. Advanced JavaScript Techniques - deck
  3. Best practices for building async apps with JavaScript - deck / demo

A number of jsFoo attendees requested that I share the "eval" console that I used to geek out on many of the advanced JS and ES5 samples during the session. I already have a post on that here:


You should be able to download a copy for your own use from that post or use the online version if you prefer that.

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